What is loose-lay luxury vinyl flooring?

What is loose-lay luxury vinyl flooring?

Consider loose-lay luxury vinyl tile or plank if you're looking for the perfect luxury vinyl flooring. This option offers many benefits, especially for those in a hurry.

The ease of installation makes this a quick choice for many homeowners. In addition, learning more about the materials makes a choice effortless.

Loose-lay vinyl facts you should know

Loose-lay vinyl is flooring that uses no attachment methods to secure the flooring. Instead, their weight and backing do all the work and keep the materials in place.

Adhesives are only used around the perimeter of the flooring. This secures the outer LVT edges to stabilize the rest of the pieces.

There are plenty of options available in this flooring line for many uses. And a beautiful visual is one of them.

Choose durability you can live with

These floors offer many durable options, with wear layers up to 20-mil. Of course, the thicker the wear layer, the longer your flooring will last.

You can also choose thicker materials in general for outstanding stability. And they're easy to maintain and keep clean.

Other factors to consider

All luxury vinyl plank products are prone to changes in humidity and temperatures. That's why we recommend acclimation for these floors.

Acclimation helps to ensure the pieces don't contract or expand. So you'll enjoy a better performance the whole time your floors are in place.

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